Plan your trip

Please note the following points to get the most out your visit to this country and enjoy its most spectacular sites.


  • Saves time (some destinations are difficult to reach, especially if you are not familiar with the area).
  • Saves money (rental and car insurance).
  • Accommodation and meals available at suitable sites with better quality / price ratio (Needing to book a hotel only upon arrival and departure from Muscat).
  • Safe driving (both city and roads) in a suitable vehicle and in perfect condition.
  • Getting to know better the traditions, history and curiosities of the surroundings (usually in English).
  • Planning: Pick up and drop off according to customer needs.
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In general:

  • Maximum safety (both police and citizens will be happy to help) if needed the emergency number is 9999.
  • No vaccinations needed and food is safe.
  • Stay hydrated and always wear sunscreen on your routes.
  • Camping is free and a widespread habit

Cities and towns:

  • Before photographing people ask for their permission (especially in the case of women, children and Bedouin).
  • Do not scream or litter in the places you visit

Mosques and Museums:

  • Check your schedule.
  • Comply with access standards (clothing).
  • Respect the history and traditions.
  • Mosques (in general) access is only for Muslims


  • The roads are properly signaled and in excellent condition
  • The signs are in Arabic and English (with multiple translations of the same site that can often mislead you on your map).
  • Google navigation does not work (it will only show your position).
  • Special attention when crossing wadis (floods).
  • Special attention on roads (use 4WD) because of slopes and rain (landslides and rocks).
  • Special attention with animal crossings (camels, goats, donkeys, …) that can cause an accident.
  • Avoid night driving on roads.
  • Driving (steering wheel on the left) is on the right.
  • Respect traffic rules (there are many radars and cameras at traffic lights and intersections).
  • International circulation permit is necessary and a valid insurance.
  • In Muscat you will be fined if you drive with a dirty vehicle.


  • Respect the flora and fauna
  • Do not go into mountains, desert, dunes, beaches, wadis without the proper knowledge and the company of other 4WD.
  • Watch the weather (avoid rain and floods).
  • Bring proper clothing and suitable material for each location.