Natural heritage

National Parks:

  • Oman-Bee

Valleys (Wadis): Oman has a high level of agricultural activity compared to its neighbors, thanks to its great water reservations,  that coming from the rivers which rise of mountain ranges and draw the topography of the country and, also provide spectacular views

Fountains and Springs (Ayn): these waters channel through traditional irrigations systems (falaj) in order to feed near towns and numerous date plantations.


Desert: House of nomads and bedouins who works in a difficult environment.

  • Oman-Flower


  • North: mountain range Al-Hajar, with its highest pick  (Jebel Shams) being 3.005 meters, it’s considered the roof of Oman.
  • Northeast: Peninsula of Musandam (in the strait of Ormuz) with 1.800 meters.
  • South: 3 mountain chains (in Dhofar), Al SamhanAl-Qara and Al-Qamarwith a maximum altitude of 2.500 meters.

Coasts: with more than 1.700 Kms of beautiful beaches, still today a traditional fishing spot with its rich marine life.  This place inspired the story of Sinbad the sailor (created by Walt Disney). Today is still performed traditional fisheries exploiting its rich seabed, along with birds that perch to regain strength of their long migratory journey.

Islands: natural paradise where you can still find dolphins, whales and turtles.

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