General Information

Oman Flag
Oman Flag

Official Name: Sultanate of Oman

Flag: (tricolor) and National Emblem (in the center).

  • White: symbol of peace
  • Red: represdnts the heroic battles of the OmanI.
  • Green: symbol of fertility and agriculture
  • 2 crossed swords and a traditional dagger (khanjar)

Currency (OMR) Omani rial (1 rial= 1.000 baizas). Exchange $ y 

Language: Arab (English is frequently spoken).

Religion: Islamic moderate (predominantly ibadis muslims)

Population (2.015): 4.159.102 (56% omani and 44% foreigners)

Climate:  2 seasons (Hot: May to September and Wet: October to April), dry environment inside and humid on the coast and little rainfall except for the Dhofar region in the monsoon or khareef (June to September) is a green oasis.

Geography: with an area of 309,500 km², within the Arabian Peninsula (southwestern of Asia), bordering United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Arabian Sea.

Legal System: Monarchy

  • Head of State: Sultán Qaboos Bin Said
  • Consultative Council: (Majlis ash-Shura) or Lower Chamber (84 members are elected by popular vote)
  • Council of State:(Majlis al-Dawla) or Upper Chamber (59 members are selected directly by the Sultan)
  • Judicial Power: Sharia (Islamic Law) and Common Law (English)

Organization (Administrative Divisions):

  • Governorates(11): Muscat, Musandam, Al-Buraymi, Al-Batinah North, Al-Batinah South, Al-Dhahirah , Al-Dakhliyah, Al-Shariqiyah Norte, Al-Shariqiyah Sur, Al-Wusta, Dhofar
  • Provinces (wilayats) (61)