Cultural Heritage

Oman has a great cultural heritage thanks to:

  • The influence of the different civilizations that have inhabited it
  • The nomadic character of their villages
  • The great commercial activity that developed as a strategic enclave in the commercial routes between Africa, Arabia and Asia, either by land or sea.

HANDICRAFTS:  In clay and ceramics with a multitude of shapes and colors

  • In gold and silver, true works of art thanks to detailed and meticulous gold work that is exhibited both in the markets (Nizwa is a good reference) and in any social event (khanjar, sabers, bracelets, bracelets, etc.).

POETRY: having a tea or coffee, there are numerous stories that narrate:

  • The landmarks and achievements of its navigators (such as Sibad the Sailor, by Sohar, animated by Walt Disney)
  • The wonderful tales of a thousand and one nights of the city in the hidden city of Ubar (where we will find the ruins of Shisr)
  • The desert journeys of their Bedouin nomads, masters of Arabian cavalry
  • The arts and traditions of its fishermen who still use the Dhow (typical boat more than two centuries old)
  • The stay of the Queen of Saba and her retreat in the city of Sumhuram

MUSIC: very important in any event or celebration, has more than 130 different styles using instruments such as lutes, bandurrias, flutes and drums.


  • Muscat Festival: it is celebrated (for a month, in the parks of Amerat and Naseem) towards the end of January since 1998, it’s a festival filled with color, fireworks, sporting events, music, dancing and art.
  • Salalah Festival: from the 15th of July to the 31st of August, it is celebrated in Maruj Amphitheatre where all customs and traditions are presented the Omani style.
  • Bullfights: This ceremony (unlike the one held in Spain), is a spectacle that we can see at the Barka Bullfighting Arena
  • Camel Racing: Her Majesty Sultan Qaboos, also a great lover of the Arabian horse, sponsors the racing season (from October to March). These races, organized by The Oman Camel Racing Federation (OCRF), are celebrated in different dates and localities, mainly:
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Omani Village

Forts and Castles:

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