Muscat (Southeast)

When we exit old Muscat, we leave the most central part (driving down the mountain road that runs parallel to the coast) you can find the following places of interest:

  • Oman - Bandar Khyran Coast

Qantab (beaches): beautiful beaches where you can find:

  • © bd (Oman-5144) Qantab Beach

Yiti (Wadi Aday): with beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

  • Oman - Muscat Southeast

As Sifah (beach)): a long and straight beach in this fisher village, which has an exclusive resort and an original beach glamping

  • © bd (Oman-5156) As Sifah Beach

 Quriyat: a small town situated 100km from Muscat, one must visit:

  • Quriyat Castle: surrounded by Palm trees and banana plantations.
  • Wadi Daiykah Dam: (with recreational areas) it’s the biggest dam of Oman it supplies water to Muscat and Quriyat.

  • Oman - Wadi Daiykah Dam

Dibab (Wadi Al Arbeieen): from the Dibab, we take an exit and at 15 km we find a beautiful wadi with its characteristical waterfall.

  • Oman - Wadi Arbeieen

Bimmah Sinkhole this is a connection between subterranean waters from the mountains and the ocean. We can enjoy swimming.

  • © bd (Oman-5847) Bimmah Sinkhole