Muttrah is an area of Muscat of great touristic interest due to the many interesting places to visit of great beauty that brings us:

  • Fish Market: (located from the entrance roundabout, on the opposite side of the corniche) it is an authentic trading market where we will be able to buy fresh captured fish and have it prepared to taste is freshness.  One should go between the morning hours of 6 and 9 a.m.
  • © bd (Oman-5007) Fish Market
  • Bait Al Baranda Museum: Just before the beginning of the walk where we are able to park our vehicles, we can visit a representative museum of the history and culture of Oman (recommended).
  • Oman-Bait Al Baranda Museum
  • Boardwalk (Corniche): While walking we can lean in and see in its waters the Sultan´s yacht next to the typical float of Oman (Dhow), the facade of a mosque and further down a fort.

  • © bd (Oman-5876) Muttrah Corniche

  • Souk (Souq): This souk (with more than 200 years) is the best kept, biggest and the most authentic one of Oman, where we will be offered among other things perfumes, textile, gold, silver, we must be ready to bargain.

  • Oman-Muttrah Souq

  • Ryam Park: located at the end of the corniche, this park is a nice and quiet family recreational site where we can enjoy its gardens, the views of the incense burner and in the distance a small fortress on high.

  • Oman-Muttrah Fort