Accommodation: During your stay in Oman, we recommend that you book lodgings (hotel or similar) only for the day of your arrival and for the day of your departure (for the rest of your trip we recommend that you book “in-situ”).  Depending on our budget, we can choose from a wide range of hotels some high standing or other cheaper versions but interesting alternatives as well (inquire).

Transport: remember that there is no public transportation, but there is a large fleet of taxis that roam the city. We have 2 options:

  • Rent a car (for the city): ideal if we know the city (gas is very cheap). Keep in mind that there is a lot of traffic and it’s difficult to get to places and can lose considerable time. It is forbidden to drive through the city on a dirty vehicle (fine) and pay attention to traffic lights and excess speeding (there are radars and cameras throughout the city). Outside the city a 4WD will help us roam the country to enjoy its natural and cultural wonders.
  • Hire a professional driver/guide (inquire).

  • Oman - The Cave Restaurant

Food: in Muscat there are numerous restaurants, clubs and shopping centers with a large multinational offer. On our tours enjoy Asian food (mainly) and delicious 100% natural juices.

  • Oman - Muscat City

ROP (Royal Oman Police) will help us at all times with great kindness. Emergency number 9999.

TOUR GUIDE: Starting from the airport we cross the city of Muscat west to east to the limit of the governorate.

A) Along the coast (18th November Street).

  • Muscat International Airport (Seeb)
  • The Wave Muscat (residential area)
  • Almouj Golf (golf camp)
  • Private clubs
  • Beaches
  • Chedi Hotel
  • Embassies and residential area
  • Beaches
  • Al Shatti Street
  • Al Qurm Park

B) Country´s interior (Sultan Qaboos Street)

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From Al-Qurm Park address Muttrah