Muscat (Parks)

Muscat, is a city where its parks and gardens are decorated by Palm trees and flowers giving it great coloring.  The gardens are very well taken care of, it is where the families go out and enjoy fresh air.

Its botanical garden (project) with 420 hectares is considered a world exhibition of the biodiversity of the country with more than 1200 plant species (80 of them unique in the world). It will consist of a nursery, research areas, conference rooms, lecture halls, library and shops. A traditional village will be recreated as sample applications and popular custom of Oman.

We can also point out the following parks:

Al Qurm Park: Opened in 1993, it is situated near the beach of Al Qurm (in Al Shati Street) and an area of protected mangroves.  It’s the biggest park in the city where we can find migrating birds, cascades and gardens filled with flowers. You can also find a small theme park for children.

Riyam Park: situated at the end of the boardwalk (corniche), it’s filled with green gardens and a mountain crowned by the huge figure of an incense burner. We can return to the corniche on a bike rented near the park.

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