Muscat Gobernorate
Muscat Gobernorate

Situation: This governorate situated north is the economical, political, administrative and social motor of the country.  To reach its capital, we are offered modern forms of transportation: by road (no rail transportation available), ports and the airport of Seeb that welcomes us with constant improvements and extensions in order to receive its growing number of visitors.

Population: the population is estimated in 1.200.000 inhabitants and has six provinces (wilayats): Muscat, Muttrah, Bawshar, Al-Seeb, Al-Amirat y Quriyat.

Capital: Muscat (Mascate)

Geography: It has a surface of 3.500 km² and is situated in the coastal strip (about 40 km wide) limiting north by the Arabian Sea (Gulf of Oman) and South through the Mountain Range of Hajar. In front of its Capital you will find the Island of Fahal.


  • Dry season: May to October, temperature is between 32ºC (90ºF)
  • Humid season: November to April. Few showers, high humidity (60%), temperature is between 23ºC (73ºF)

Visit: They have an extensive offer. From the exit of the international airport of Seeb we can see a clean city (recognized as such by the Arab world) that is quite surprising with its modern infrastructure and recent constructions of mosques, museums, parks, hotels and souks that submerge us in the traditions and customs of the country.

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