South-East Coast

Situation: from Sawqirah, limiting the region of Al Wusta with the region of Dhofar we reach highway 41 and we pass through:

  • Shalimfrom highway 41 we go to highway 42

  • Oman - Fararah

  • Fararahwe reached the coast through a lovely stretch of road leads to an open space camel farms and gives continuity to
  • Ash Shumaymiyah: an incredible fine sand beach.

  • Oman - Ash Shumaymiyah

  • Jinawt: under military control until reaching Hasik, the sole purpose is controlling the rocks on the roads.
  • Ras Almuntajib: a beach used as a resting spot by migratory birds.
  • Hadbaran: we begin ascending through a mountainous road (in perfect state) where if we look to the left we can view the whole coast and to the right we have a view of valleys of incredible beauty.

  • Oman - Hadbaran

  • Ras Tihrar: after a stretch of mountains, we reach the ocean and we are able to view a beautiful oasis where the wadis flow towards the Arabian Ocean.
  • Hasikis a small fishermen town, where camels descend and eat.  Here highway 49 is born and takes us through the coast line, 8 kms to the right we find:

  • Oman - Hasik Beaches

  • Natif: where we can visit a water mountain (constant water falling from the mountain).

From this point, the mountain chain called Jebel Al-Samhan