Salalah: with 200,000 inhabitants is the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman, and the largest city in the Dhofar Province. Salalah is the birthplace of the Sultan, Qaboos bin Said. Salalah attracts lots of people from other parts of Oman and Gulf of Arabia during the Khareef season, which starts from July to September.

The large amount of coconut trees give a very special and attractive look. Salalah is known as the perfume capital of Arabia, constantly spring. We can visit:

  • Oman - Salalah Mosque

  • Heritage Village: it´s were the Festival of Salalah is celebrated (from the 15th of July to the 31st of August) with music, dancing, typical food, handcrafts, etc…

  • Oman - Salalah Festival

  • Mausoleum Nabi Umram: it´s believed that the Virgin Mary´s father is buried here.

  • Oman - Nabi Umram Mausoleum

  • Al-Balid Archeological Site: here you will find archeological museums and will be able to visit ruins and the lagoon of Al-Balid. 
  • Shopping Centers: In the Street As-Salam, you will find all kinds of stores and from here you will be able to visit:

  • Oman - Salalah Beach

  • Beach: (next to the Crowne Plaza Resort) beautiful white sand beach.
  • Lagoons (Khawr): resting place for migratory birds.
    • Awqad, Al Qurm y Al Kabir: next to the Hotel Hilton Salalah
    • Ad Dahariz: east of the city.
    • Al Balid: archeological museum