Jebel Al Samhan

Jebel Al Samhan: It is a mountain range east of Salalah. It is about 120 kms. extension with a maximum height of 2,100 meters inside consists of many plateaus interrupted by narrow and deep gorges (some of which about 1,000 meters deep) where the arabian leopard lives.

Continuing through highway 49 we can visit the following places:

  • Hadbeen: coastal town with small dunes and fodder for camels that sometimes can be confused with sand.
  • Sadah: it´s a fisherman town (typical dish is seafood and lobster) where from the coast we can see the Mountain of Jabal Nuss, that offers beautiful views. Here we can also see some props left by the Portuguese troops.

  • Oman - Hadbeen

  • Mirbat: where we can see a fishing dock (with their typical boats or Dhows) , a fort and we can visit Bin Ali´s Mausoleum. This place also offers the possibility of diving from May to October with Extra Divers (consult the possibility of going to the group of 3 islands Al-Hallaniyah, As_Sawdah and Al-Hasikiyah).

From this point, we enter Jebel Al Qara.