Jebel Al-Qara

Jebel Al Qara  is a mountain range shaped as a half moon situated north of Salalah of about 100 km and 2500 meters tall.

Between June and September, with the arrival of the monsoon winds, tropical rain descends from the clouds (khareef) turning the area into a green mantle.

If we reach North (for example traveling through highway 31 from Muscat bordering the end of the desert of Ar Rub Al Khali near the border with Saudi Arabia) we can visit:

  • Wadi Dawkah (Incense Park): situated 60 km north of Salalah (through highway 3)1, from Thumrait, we will find a sign signaling to the right the location of this curious park where we can find incense trees called Boswellia.

  • Oman - Wadi Dawkah

We will then continue South in order to cross the mountain chain of Al-Qara. In its hills we find a plane of 10 km that will take us to the coast where the capital of Salalah begins.

If we are South from Mirbat we continue through highway 49 and find the following points of interest (East to West):

  • Tawi Atayr: 2 main areas of interest:
    • Tayq Sinkhole: one of the biggest sinkholes in the world (its diameter is between 130 to 150 meters and its depth is 211 meters). The water that flows through the valleys has given way to the creation of a pit cave, with magnificent cascades.
    • Tayq Cave (Teeq), one of the biggest pit caves in the world. It has 6 entrances, the biggest one is the western entrance (it can also be accessed through the trail located outside. From these trails you can enjoy views of the sinkhole and waterfalls)
  • Khor Rouri (Sumhuram): is an archaeological site near Salalah. First, we looked at the esplanade indicating this magnificent site to see a cozy cliff where we can see camels grazing on the coast; after, go to visit the city of Sumhuram from whose port (Khor) was exported incense to the world; and its lagoon (Khawr) is a nature reserve for birds, fish and plants.  It was inscribed in 2000, along with other sites (the Incense Route in Oman) as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Oman - Khor Rouri

  • Wadi DarbatAn incredible place that can easily be confused with Scottland, due to its green mountains covered with vegetation. This place serves as a resting spot for the locals and visitors who want to enjoy natural beauty.

  • Oman - Wadi Darbat

  • Taqahyou can visit its Fort.
    • Fountains (Ayn): along with the wadis, these fountains are a resting point for locals and tourists. Here people often collect water to drink and refresh themselves. These are the most typical ones:
    • Ayn Athum & Ayn Thabruk:
    • Ayn Razat:
    • Ayn Sahalnoot:
    • Ayn Garziz:

  • Oman - Taqah

  • Raysut: through highway 47 at about 18km of Salalah, you will find a totaly different area and we will find many cement companies and we can visit:
    • Mausoleum Bin Arabian and
    • Ras Hamar: a pretty and tranquil coastal region, it’s a great place to thinks and rest.

  • Oman - Ras Hamar

  • Mughsayl: 30 km from Salalah through highway 47 we reach a tourist spot where we can see:
    • Eftalquot Area (rest area) here you can take advantage of the beautiful White sand beach (careful with the strong currents)
    • Blowholes of Mughsail: a touristic area where the main attraction is the blast of water from the top of the blowhole that entertain both children and adults.
    • Marmif Cave:  is a rocky formation of touristic interest.

  • Oman - Eftalquot Area

From this point following highway 47, we reach an ascending road that indicates that in 6 km we will reach Al Fazayah (Fizayah), a beautiful location that we pass while reaching Jebel Al-Qamar.