Jebel Al-Qamar

Jebel Al-Qamar  Mountain range towards the east that is 70 km long and due to its proximity to the coast line offers beautiful views of its cliffs that connect Oman with Yemen.

Places of Interest:

  • Al-Fizayah: From highway 47 we find a sign indicating a sandy road of 6kms that takes us to a wonderful place consisting of 7 beaches.

  • Oman - Al Fizayah

  • Adjarawt: flatland zone where we reach a mountain range that takes us near the border.
  • Rakhyut: from Difa we take a detour through highway 45 towards Rakhyut where 23 km of road awaits us, due to animals crossing and constant fog is considered a dangerous road, however here you will find a small peaceful village. We then decided to take the road back to Salalah.

  • Oman - Adjarawt