Wadi Tiwi

Situation: from the exit of the Wadi Shab, we continue 5 km through the secondary road that travels through the town of Tiwi.

The entrance takes us directly to a ditch full of cement, we enter the wadi making our way through small houses situated on very narrow ramps (only one vehicle fits), you will need a 4WD (if the climate is adverse, it is better not to continue) because the paved road turns into rough sand terrain.

  • Oman - Wadi Tiwi

We can approach the ditch in order to see the banana plantation being watered by the falajs, we continue and we reach a peak where we can view the beauty of the wadi, with many colors because of the last rays of sun shining through the rocks.

You can continue through the same route through the Hajar Oriental mountain range (28 km in total) until reaching the town of Muquil that connects with Wadi Bani Khalid.

To summarize, a beautiful excursion, we recommend to hire a tour guide and to spend the night to create a great memory of this place.