Wadi Shab

First visit: From Muscat at about 140 km from highway 17 near our destination, we pass through Muscat and Ash-Sharqiyah, and reach Fins where we can visit:

  • Fins beach: (5 km south-east) where we can visit and camp in his white sand beach at the end of Wadi Fins.
  • Majlis al Jin: (20 km east) is one of the great halls of the world’s largest with 58.000 m². The cave is located in a remote area of the Selma Plateau, 100 km south-east from Muscat. To enter Majlis al Jinn you will need permission, rope and specialized equipment to descend and ascend safely his 120 meters.

  • Oman - Fins Beach

We continue through highway 17 and at 20 km we find a detour and after passing a roundabout we will see a sign that will indicate the entrance to Wadi Shab.

Situation:  Wadi Shab is a must see destinations in Oman, located 40 kilometers southeast of Dibab along the coastal road (the signs are not very helpful). Wadi Shab has a set of amazing natural pools and waterfalls in the midst of the desert with an amazing turquoise water color.

To explore the area we will leave the car in a parking spot (if we are lucky) and we will find a pier where we’ll need to take a small boat conducted by local people who carefully organized visitors to cross the channel about 25 meters from shore to shore.

  • © bd (Oman-5800) Wadi Shab

From this point we find a place full of adventure, like small vegetable gardens, pools filled with water; we then follow its channels that takes us through the wadi until we reach a small oasis of date palms.

  • Oman - Wadi Shab

We can take a bath in its crystaline waters and we return through the same path. The end of the wadi pours its fresh water on a beach, mixing their saltwater transforming the area into a place of great biodiversity.

Next we visit Wadi Tiwi.