Ras Al Jinz

First Visit: at 40 km exiting Sur, through the Al-Ayjah bridge we reach Ras Al-Hadd an intermediate road that will take us to the turtle reproduction center of Ras Al-Jinz.

Ras Al-Hadd, is the Eastern most point of the Arabian Peninsula, of great historical importance, it served as a refuge for the ships from storms and also a refuge for combat planes during the second world war ( we can still see landing sites) it offers a beautiful natural setting thanks to:

  • Beach: where turtles lay eggs that visit and
  • Bays and Cliffs: where multiple migrating birds nest.
  • Ras Al Hadd Castle: located very near the coast

  • Oman - Sur

Ras Al-Jinz: from Ras Al-Hadd we reach the Ras Al-JinzTurtle Reserve, where in time of nesting (from October to December) this area is visited with 6000 to 13000 turtles. They have been laying their eggs here for centuries.

We can visit the museum. To watch the nesting of the turtles is necessary to consider:

  • Reserve the lodging and the visit to the beach (no free Access).
  • There are two passes at 9 PM and 4 AM (must be there 30 minutes before).
  • No photographs or videos are allowed.
  • Must be quiet and follow the instructions of the guide.

Watching the whole process, the arrival of the turtle in the beach, making the hole where she deposits 200 eggs, covering the hole and the return to the beach can last up to 2 hours.

  • Oman - Ras Al Jinz

It´s a magical moment very difficult to forget; the hatching of the eggs represents a total fight for life as they encounter many obstacles (disoriented, crabs, birds, fish trash…) that endanger the life of the baby turtles. Once they reach adult age this cycle starts up again.