Masirah Island

Situation:  14 km from the east coast of Oman .

Surface: 649 km² (95 km. long by 14 km. width)

Population: 12.000 inhabitants.

Climate: Soft (September to February) and Warm with low precipitations (falls mainly from February to April) as well as in the brief monsoon season (from May to August)

How to get there:

  1. Plane:Omanair
  2. Ferry (Alyasoora): departing from Shannah Harbour
    • Hours: from 4 am to 6 pm
    • Duration 1 h. 45 min. (depends on the ferry, sea and wind).
    • Frecuency: between 16 to 20 vehicles (usually waits to part until it´s full).

Geography: Located at 19 km off the east side of Barr al Hikman, surrounded by Highway 51 in perfect condition between the beach (no cliffs) and a mountain range (Jabal Madrub) with a maximum altitude of 256 meters, which vertebra the island, having a main passage that connects the island from east to west (in order to venture out here it is essential to know the terrain).

Information of interest: you find the Royal Air Force of Oman air base and a fish factory, as well as a few small towns. The main industries are fishing and traditional textile manufacturing. Formerly, traditional ship building was important.

It’s a natural environment of great biodiversity, we can point out the migrating birds up to 328 registered species and an abundance of marine life (although no diving centers exist, the best time to dive is from October to March).

  • Oman - Masirah Island

The island is also an important hatching ground for sea turtles, (there are 4 kinds: logger head, green, hawksbill and olive ridley), we can also see bottle nose dolphins and whales.

A popular activity here is Kite-surf (beach of Ras Abu Rasas, in the south) from July to September when the winds are most favorable.