Barr Al Hikman

Situation: 500 kilometers southeast of Muscat, from the Port of Sannah towards Muhoot arrived at the Hikman Peninsula (Barr Al Hikman). It is an ample extension (148 km²) of land flooded by sea water making it one of the most important bird migration stations both in Oman and Southeast Asia. Many birds congregate here, especially water birds coming from as far as Siberia’s northern shores.

This area also attracts hundred of birds, predominantly gulls, egrets, and shorebirds that feed from the crabs and fishes that born in the area along the rest of turtle habitat.

In addition to being a sanctuary for birds and fish of all kinds, the existence of coral reefs off its shores make it a favorite destination for divers.

To enter its path, it’s essential to know the area, a 4X4, good orientation and water. We can load gas in Muhoot.

From this point we enter the region of Ash Sharqiyah to Al-Wusta and we reach a fishing town called Al Khaluf situated in front of the bay that is part of the peninsula of Barr Al Hikman.