Al Mintarib (Desert Camp)

Situation: From highway 23, we enter Bidiyah and near this town of Al Mintari, while contemplating the numerous options of companies offering to take us through the desert, we can visit:

  • Al Mintarib Souq: local handcraft goods (only Tuesday mornings) where we can acquire different goods from textile, leather, to silver and gold swords.
  • Al Mintarib Castle: (built in the XIII century) was the center of religious power.

  • Oman - Al Mintarib

Sharqiyah Sands, is an enormous extension (10.000 km²) of red sand dunes of about 200 meters high, home of nomads and bedouins where living on their own arts harsh environment that extends to the Arabian Sea. In its interior, we can visit Oasis. The most spectacular Oasis are Al Raka Oasis, Shahik Oasis, Al Hawiyah Oasis and Al Aidan (this last one with a water well).

40 minutes later with our 4WD and a guide, we enter the Desert Camp, where we are greeted with tea and dates.

  • Oman - Sharqiyah Sands

We hire a Camel ride that takes us to the great dunes from where we can watch the wonderful views, full of energy, that invade our five senses (colors such as honey that paint the sun downs, the soft breeze that takes us to a comforting silence, the fine sand that stroke our senses, dates that taste and smell delicious, an experience very difficult to compare…).

  • Oman - Sharqiyah Sands

When dinner time arrives, a stew of bedouin style lamb is prepared.

Then when night falls, we take in the sky full of stars that single out the end of a wonderful day; finally, we rest in decorated haima that offers comfort and you keep on dreaming.

The next day it all starts up again, visiting more dunes with our 4WD and then it´s back to Ibra.