Al Ashkharah

Situation: we have 2 options to get there, from:

  • Ras Al-Jinz / Al Ruwais / A´Silah through a road that borders the coast (careful with high tides).
  • Oman - Al Ruwais A´Silah
  • Al Kamil Wal Wafi / Jalan Bani BuHassan (situated in the limit of the governing North and South ) from highway 23 we take a detour (highway 35) that will take us to our destination, about 60 km.

  • Oman - Jalan Bani BuHassan

Al Ashkharah: is a town of great fishing tradition that exploits the riches of the Arabian waters that caressing the white sand of its long beaches.

  • Oman - Al Ashkharah Beaches

It´s a vacation spot that is often visited by the locals and people from other places of the interior wanting to find the breeze of the monsoon.

We travel through the neighboring towns where we find hospitality (mixed with curiosity) that offer amicable conversation.

  • Oman - Al Ashkharah

If we decide to go to the island of Masirah, we can drive through the isolated road that travels through the coast (South) between the Arabian sea and the last dunes of Sharqiyah Sands until reaching the port of Sannah where we can take the ferry or take the time to get to know the beautiful beaches (must drive a 4WD).