Ras Madrakah

Situation: Continuing through highway 32, we reach Ras Madrakah a fishing settlement where migratory birds come to find peace and recuperate to keep on going.

It is a place full of live where clouds entwine with the horizon with a brave sea waiting his calm can visit you local fishermen and their boats.

Here you will also see donkeys grazing peacefully.

We can explore the area top to bottom and we will find spectacular beaches, white sand, and rocks of beautiful colors black, brown and gold with capricious shapes resulting from erosion.

  • Oman - Ras Madrakah

To continue towards the region of Dhofar, we go back highway 32 and take a detour to the left where we find highway 41 finding the following points of interest:

  • Wadi Ghidan
  • Al Kabil
  • Qaysad
  • Al Lakbi
  • Sawqirah: limiting with the region of Al Wusta and Dhofar