Situation: is a port town on the Arabian Sea, in central-eastern Oman, 600 km from Muscat and Salalah.

Population: not overpopulated, however the town is currently experiencing significant development.

Climate: Dry (scarce rain).

Information of interest: Duqm was a small fishing settlement of the Janubah tribe, however today it is an industrial oil town with a notable port.

The Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZAD) is responsible for the management of all economic activities in Duqm, including long-term strategies of infrastructural development and investment.  The SEZAD registers, licenses, and provides environmental approvals using internationally recognized practices (with aids such as exemption from import taxes) that aims to be a commercial international reference point between Asia, Europe and Arabia, avoiding maritime traffic areas of tension in the Gulf.

It is also required to oversee the urban expansion of Duqm city while protecting the environment.

  • Oman - Ad Duqm

The stretch between Ad Duqm (must visit its beach 20km from the center) and Ras-Madrakah is full of beautiful beaches and rocky cliffs, here we have two options:

  1. from As Sadanat through highway 32 we can take a detour to the left until reaching the Ras Al Ani beach , continue to Ras Markaz until arriving at Ras Madrakah.
  2. continue through highway 32 once you reach the end we will arrive at Ras Madrakah.