Al Wusta

Al-Wusta Gobernorate
Al-Wusta Gobernorate

Situation: central northeast region of Dhofar.

Population: low population density with 30.624 distributed in 4 provinces: Mahawt, Ad-Duqm, Al-Jazeer y Haima in the interior

Capital: Hayma

Geografía: surface of 79.700 km² it’s a region with few reliefs that have numerous oil and gas fields; in its coast you can see whales, dolphines, turtles and numerous migratiory birds.

Climate: dry


  • Arab Oryx Sanctuary: The Oryx is an antelope with long straight horns (of one meter approx.) long legs and tufted tail. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and can run many kilometers without resting.  Thanks to their blood flow, they regulate their temperature, currently we don´t know if this place can be visited (but you will need previews notice).
  • Beaches (from North to South):
    • Ras Abanah y Ras Bintawt (en Al-Kaluf)
    • Ras Al Khabbah
    • Nafun
    • Ad-Duqm
    • Ras Al-Ani
    • Ras Markz
    • Ras Madrakah
    • Ras al Tahayen: (near Ras Madrakah) probably the most beautiful beach of the region (White sands, black Brown and golden rocks). You will be able to park and walk through its soft sand it would be a good idea to hire a local guide.