Al Dhahirah

Al-Dhahirah Gobernorate
Al-Dhahirah Gobernorate

Situation: It is an interior governorate of Oman, has no coastline, bordered to the North by the governorate of Al-Buraymi and Al-Batinah North, east of Al-Dakhliyah, south to Al-Wusta and West by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (where we can go to visit the city of Al-Ain)

Population: with 157.000 inhabitants it´s one of the least populated areas. Al Dhahirah has 3 provinces (wilayats): Ibri, Yanqul y Dhank.

Capital: Ibri (300 km from Muscat and 150 km of Al-Ain in UAE)

Geography: It has a surface of 37.000 km², mainly plain (except North where Hajar Mountains ends)

Climate: intense and dry heat.

Visit: Ibri and its surroundings:

  • Ibri Fort & Souq: more than 400 years old, in its interior we can find a mosque and next to it a souq, which demonstrates the importance of commercial activity in this city as a waypoint to other cities of Arabia.
  • Al Araqi Fort: (8 Km North of Ibri) offers great views from its tower.
  • Al Kittan Cave: (8 Km from Ibri) known as the marble cave, very difficult to access, it´s best to hire a guide to take you through the natural resources and cave paintings.
  • Bat Tombs: (30 Km east of Ibri) these tombs are on the World Heritage list (UNESCO).
  • As Sulaif Fort: (4 Km South of Ibri) are a group of fort ruins from the XI century that offers beautiful scenery. I recommend that you visit this site by foot.

  • Oman-Dhahirah

If we continue on highway 21, towards the border with EAU, passing Al-Buraymi Gobernorate, we reach the city of Al-Ain (EAU) and from here we can visit the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and from Dubai the road parallel to the coast will take us back to the Omani territory, to Khasab, capital of Musandam (a simpler option would be to travel by maritime transport through the Strait of Ormuz).

Al-Buraymi Gobernorate
Al-Buraymi Gobernorate