Al-Batinah (Interior)

Al-Batinah interior:  It´s defined by a chain of mountains in the Occidental Hajar and through its sandy roads we find breathtaking mountains and views.

Nakhal: 45km from Barka, through highway 13, we can visit:

  • Nakhal Fort: a beautiful fort where you can find fields of date palms.
  • © bd (Oman-5460) Nakhal Fort
  • Ayn Al-Thawarah: very close to the fort, we can find thermal waters that supply water to the near town and the fields of date palms through the falajs: Kabbah and Como Sarooj
  • Oman - Ayn Thawarah
  • Wakan: is a beautiful village (50 km from Nakhal) that will access by an isolated mountain road.

Rustaq: 45 Km from Al-Masnaah, through highway 11. Visit:

  • Rustaq Fort: constructed in 1250, this fort was built like a maze, it´s a place where you will enjoy visiting each of its four towers  (winds, devil, red and modern) which gives access to numerous rooms.
  • Ayn Al-Kasfah: situated 1km from Rustaq, you can find an upwelling of subterranean waters use for bathing (45ºC / 113ºF).

  • © bd (Oman-6056) Ayn Al Kasfah

Wadi Bani Awf: Exiting Rustaq, through highway 13 in the direction of Al-Awabi we enter a beautiful open valley where you will find a sign with an intersection of roads (it reminded me of Jules Verne in the “Journey to the center of the Earth”) that leads us to Balad Sayt (4WD is necessary  and to be avoided in monsoon season). Here the views are spectacular (consult with an agency the possibility of doing a “via ferrata” between Big and Little Snake Canyon).

  • © bd (Oman-5446) Wadi Bani Awf

Snake Canyon: We then reach a sharp left turn in the road where it leads us to a descent where we can reach a cemetery that marks the beginning of Little Snake Canyon (not to venture without experience and proper equipment).

  • Oman - Snake Canyon

Balad Sayt Village: a few km later, we reach a beautiful town that gives us access to Big Snake Canyon near de village of Al Zammah.  If we continue for about 69 Km we can reach Al-Hambra (from the diversion of highway 13, to the left at 4 km, we reach Al Hoota Cave

  • Oman - Balad Sayt Village