Al-Batinah (Coast)

Al-Batinah Coast is the coastal strip formed by the wadis that flow from the Al-Hajar mountains and is between 15 and 80 kms wide and over 250 kms long. Al Batinah which extends northwards from Muscat to the borders of the United Arab Emirates,

It is one that is rich in minerals and has a fertile soil, abundant farms and agriculture (mainly palm and banana trees) watered by the wadis flowing from the mountains. Its economy revolves around the sea trade to Oman and other Gulf countries and Indian Ocean.

Places to visit:

  • Sohar: ancient capital of Oman, birthplace of the legendary sailor Simbad the Sailor, provides a direct road link with Al-Ayn (120 Km) and Abu Dhabi (280 km) in UAE and if we continue to Shinas (smaller port city ) connect with Dubai (200 km) on the border of Al-Hatta. In addition we can highlight a pleasant town with clean streets lined with white houses and tropical gardens. At one time it was one of the most important trading centers on the Arabian Peninsula. .
    • Sohar Port: This industrial port is a strategic place in the maritime trade of the Strait of Hormuz where, among other products, 200,000 barrels of petroleum products are exported.
    • Sohar Fort: This beautiful fort was built in the XIII century, it´s one of the biggest of Oman and hides in his museum the history of the city. On the outskirts we can enjoy its corniche.
    • Sultan Qaboos Mosque: Almost next door to the fort stands the large Sultan Qaboos Mosque, with its beautiful gold dome. Heading north along the corniche brings you to the town’s modern fish market, designed in the shape of a traditional dhow. A five-minute walk inland is the town’s modest handicrafts souq (signed “Omani Craftsman’s House”)
    • Sohar Souq: is located in the center of the town, where you can buy honey produced inside the trunks of palm where bees are introduced after pollinate native trees and shrubs in the area.
    • Beach: A couple of kilometers further north you will find the Sohar Beach Hotel and a spacious public beach. Next to the beach lies an attractively shady park arranged around a large lake.
    • Sohar roundabout: an iconic roundabout, located in the industrial area. The roundabout was the place where began the process of Omanisation that prompted the Sultan with the remodeling of his government in 2011

  • Oman - Al Batinah Coast

  • Mussanah: here we can find the tourist compound Milenium Resort and enjoy with the water sports center Omansail
  • Barka Fort: this fort played a great part in the expulsion of the Persians from Oman in 1747. It is also very interesting to visit:
  • Oman - Barka Castle
  • Al-Sawadi: It has a beautiful beach where many people like to spend their holidays enjoying a picnic day or visiting their islands (with the help of local fishermen to take us in 10 minutes) to snorkel, burning in the sun (there are no shade areas) or visit their small fort. A great place to stay is the Al Sawadi Beach Resort and Spa to visit the Daymaniyat Islands.
  • Oman - Al Sawadi