Jebel Shams

At the base of our ascent to the top of Oman, you can visit:

Wadi Ghul: 9 Km after passing Al-Hambra, we arrived to Ghul (it´s an abandoned village, located to the northwest of Al-Hamra) where the road ends (recommended 4WD) and starts (750 m) a steep dirt road (with multiple deviations) that will give us spectacular views to reach the top. Once you reach the peak, the area offers spectacular views.

  • Oman - Wadi Ghul

You will reach Jabal Shams (Sun Mountain) following a road signaling Wadi Nakhar (or Wadi Ghul) a few kilometers a steep sloap begins (4WD is necessary) with multiple detours.  At first sight you only appreciate sand and rocks built in, but in its hidden valleys and near its peak (Jebel Shams) you will find lots of hidden gardens and orchards.

  • Oman - Arabian Grand Canyon

Jebel Shams: it is the peak of Oman (with 3.005 meters of altitude), a flat top overlooking the Grand Canyon of Arabia, wonderful scenery to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises, with starry skies. Temperature (in the summer) is around 24°C (75ºF) and (in the winter) it drops to less than 0°C  (32ºF) (you may see snowy)

A nice place where the traditional grazing keeps the folk customs of the people Omani and the tourist camp offers the possibility to live great adventures.

  • Oman - Jebel Shams