Jabal Akhdar

Jabal Al-Akhdar (Green Mountain) 300 km long, is the central part of the mountain range Jabal Al Hajar (Stone Mountain) of 500 km long and 50 km wide that runs parallel to the north coast of Oman.

Its climate is cool with abundant rainfall, we recommend you visit in spring and summer when the vegetation is full of color and aroma of its plants.

Its valleys, are known for their great agriculture make up the gardens of Oman. Famous for its rosewater (in April), it also produces: pomegranates, apricots, peaches, nuts … Its rugged terrain was a refuge (in 1957) for the last rebel forces to the Sultan.

Their villages (some abandoned) and inhabitants live quietly and traditionally, so we must respect their property and crops.  We must also ask permission before photographing their clothed features.

Access: From the beginning of its ascent (this tour is one of the important stages of the Tour of Oman) from the pretty village of Birkat Al Mouz (24 km from Nizwa) we can see:

  • Bayt Ar Ridaydah (Castle)
  • Falaj Al-Khatmeen

  • Oman - Bayt Ar Ridaydah Castle

We continue the road and find the first police control that lets us continue only if we take a 4WD (after checking our documentation and vehicle). These are the main points of interest:

  • Oman - Jabal Akhdar

  • Oman - Alila Resort