Situation: 10 km south of Bahla Fort.

Jabreen (Jibreen o Jabrin) Castle: Constructed in 1.670 to serve as place and residence for the Imam Bin Arab Bin Sultan Al Y´aribi and as a fort in times of war as well as a cultural center used to divulge knowledge thanks its numerous study rooms.

Rectangular in form, with 3 stories high and 55 rooms, this great castle is one of the architectural jewels of Oman.  The rooms are decorated with numerous works of art, inscriptions and beautiful Islamic calligraphy.

  • Oman - Jabreen Castle

It’s also a good representation of the artistry of Oman with its woodwork, furniture and ceramic of the region.

We can point out the Imam rooms,

  • Sun and Moon: a room with natural cooling system with 2 rows of 7 windows that ventilate by convection.
  • Protection: is a secret room for the Imam and his person of trust.

  • Oman - Jabreen Castle

Interesting and fun to visit with spectacular views.