Situation: The town is 40 km away from Nizwa and about 200 km from Muscat (highway 21).


Bahla Fort: visible from the road (watch for signs for his parking is right next door)

It built in adobe, straw and sandstone in the pre-Islamic era. Since 1987, this great fort and its surroundings has been included in the World Heritage Sites List (UNESCO). After a great deterioration its was maintained for more than two decades in restoration.

  • Oman - Bahla Fort

Your visit requires to be prepared to walk up and down your stairs and peek at its towers, walls, shafts and different rooms, in summer the temperature is high.

Bahla Souq: Bahla Souq is a short distance from Bahla Fort. It has many traditional industries like making daggers, copper artefacts and pottery pieces, in addition to Omani sweets (Halwa). This Souq is famous for its intense commercial activity and its clay oven.

  • Oman - Bahla Souq

Mosque: (access only permitted to Muslims) It can only be visited from outside.

  • Oman - Bahla Mosque

From here (south of Bahla) we can visit Jabreen Castle.