Situation: from Nizwa we exit highway 21 and we take a detour to the right towards Al-Hambra (if we where to come from Bahla the detour would be to the left).

Al-Hambra is the village of reference before beginning the ascent to Jabal Shams, we can visit in your environment:

  • Tanuf: (24 km from Al-Hambra) this small town offers the opportunity to take beautiful photographs of its ruins and the possibility to visit its wadi.
  • Oman - Wadi Tanuf
  • Al Hoota Cave: Al Hoota Cave is located at the foot of Jabal Shams (9 km from Al-Hambra). The cave is not always opened to receive tourist, it is necessary to call and make reservations.  It is accessed by train (electrical) and the total length of the cave is around 4.5 Km, of which 500 m is open for tourists. The tour inside the cave is about 45 minutes through illuminated walkways. At the end of the tour you can see a lake where you can find rare blind fish.
Al Hoota Cave
Al Hoota Cave
  • Misfat Al Abriyyeen: (7 Km from Al-Hambra) is a small town which can be reached by car, after overcoming a series of switchbacks, and from where we can see a nice view of the village of Al-Hambra.
  • Oman - Misfat Al Abriyyeen