Ad Dakhiliyah

Ad-Dakhliyah Gobernorate
Ad-Dakhliyah Gobernorate

Situation: This region is very well connected facilitating the transportation of goods to 5 capitals of the governorates of north to south (Muscat – Haima – Salalah) and east to west (Ibri – Ibra).

Population: with 342,017 inhabitants, distributed in eight provinces (wilayats): Nizwa, Bahla, Sumail, Al-Hamra, Adam, Manah, Izki and Bidbid

Capital: Nizwa

Geography: with a total of 31.900 km², we can point out its great agricultural activity,

  • mountain views: the western slopes of Al Hajar Mountains (the slopes of Jabal Al Akhdhar) crowning the country with its peak (Jebel Shams)
  • forts, castles and mosques that contain the history of Oman  as a center of knowledge and dissemination of Islam

Climate: Intense and dry heat


  • Nizwa
  • Bahla
  • Jabreen
  • Al Hambra (area)
  • Jebel Shams
  • Jabal Akhdar